About Xujiatan Primary School in Gansu Province
徐家灘小學始建於1929 年,坐落在甘肅省臨夏市康樂縣蘇集鎮塔關村,是一所六年制完全村級小學。學校佔地面積5960 平方米,建築面積807 平方米。

學校設有有6 個教學班,1 個附設幼兒園。在校學生295 人,其中女生122 人,少數民族156 人,少數民族女生83 人。現有教師14 人,女教師8 人,少數民族教師3 人,少數女教師2 人。

學校歷史悠久,但由於資源和條件所限,未有進行大規模的修繕或者添置設備。而學校的 196 套課桌椅由建校至今仍未曾更換過,對於同一國度下,身處大城市裡物質豐盛的小孩子來說,絕對說難以想像的。

Xujiatan Primary School was founded in 1929, is situated in Taguan Village, Kangle County, Linxia Hui Autonomous Prefecture, Gansu Province, China. It is a full six-year village-level primary school. The campus covers an area of 5,960 m2, and construction area of 807 m2.

There are six classes running, plus an affiliated kindergarten. Among those 295 students, there are 122 girls, 156 ethnic minorities, and 83 ethnic minority girls. Currently there are 14 teachers, with 8 female teachers, 3 ethnic minorities and 2 female ethnic minority teachers.

The school has a long history, but due to limited resources and conditions, there has not been any large-scale renovation or addition of equipments. The 196 sets of school desks and chairs from the school has yet to have been replaced since day 1, which is unimaginable for the affluent new generation in the cities.